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Bristol County Chamber of Commerce & Industry committees enable officers, board of directors and the membership to become actively engaged within the formation and implementation of the Chamber’s annual program of work. Committee members also learn from their peers and build lasting professional relationships, while also connecting with municipal and state government officials and businesses. This is all accomplished in a forum that fulfills the Chamber’s program of work and mission while also helping the community at large by improving the quality of life within the SouthCoast region.

The committees of the Chamber are divided between “Standing” and “Ad-hoc” committees. Standing committees are mandated within the Chamber’s bylaws while working group committees are established in order to address longer term challenges, project-oriented initiatives and short term issues. Ad-hoc committees are often disbanded after their work is completed. Committees are also further designated by purpose. Where some committees focus on advocacy and fulfillment of necessary work product, others help the Chamber in meeting its annual fund raising needs in order to fulfill its mission.

Standing Committees


The Executive committee is a working group that consists of the 8 officers of the corporation, headed by the Chairman of the Board. It acts for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when not in session, and is accountable to the Board for all its actions. The Executive Committee also reviews and approves most of the recommendations of the other Chamber Committees and sets the agenda for the monthly Board of Director’s meetings.


The Awards committee is a fund raising group that is responsible for the annual selection of recipients for the two signature Chamber events that honor local volunteerism and civic engagement. The Chamber’s John S. Brayton, Jr. Memorial Community Service Awards Banquet, pays tribute to outstanding individuals who give their time and expertise, go above and beyond their own field of endeavor to contribute to the greater community, and demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in all they do. The Roger Valcourt Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award was created to be presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution over a sustained period of time to improving the human condition in the Fall River Area.


The Bylaws committee is a small working group responsible for maintaining a clear and effective set of bylaws to guide the governance and mission of the Chamber.


The Finance committee works with the Treasurer and Chamber staff to develop an annual budget, track financial performance throughout the year and recommend changes and adjustments in financial management, with a goal of improving the overall financial health of the organization.


Chaired by the Immediate Past Chair, the Nominating committee monitors attendance and performance of Board of Directors, and notifies the Chair of the Board when it determines that a Board Member(s) are not fulfilling their requirements. The Nominating Committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors in order to maintain a full complement of Directors.

Ad-Hoc Committees (current)


Ambassadors are members that help the Chamber meet its fiscal and mission goals by working to visit continuing members throughout the year. Ambassadors also serve as the Chamber’s representatives when new companies have ribbon cuttings, or grand opening ceremonies.


The Education committee facilitates communications between community and education leaders in order to raise educational attainment, encourage workforce preparedness, and elevate the quality of life in the Greater Fall River Community. The Education Committee is also responsible for the implementation of the Chamber’s Ed Up Campaign to raise educational attainment throughout the SouthCoast region.


The Government Affairs working group is an important forum where Chamber member business leaders and elected or appointed officials and agency administrators openly discuss issues of mutual interest on a monthly basis.


The Membership committee helps the Chamber meet is recruitment and retention goals by assisting the staff in the preparation and execution of membership drives, retention programs and recruitment of new members.


The Special Events committee assists the Chamber staff with the implementation and participation at signature Chamber events such as the Annual Meeting and the Outstanding Citizen Award Banquet.

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