Government Affairs

Government Affairs

The mission of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is to be the primary business and community information source for its members and the public; to provide networking opportunities for its members; and serve as an advocate, on behalf of its members, at the local, state and federal government levels.

Participation by the private sector in the shaping of public and economic policy helps government officials understand and appreciate how legislation, ordinances and decisions impact local commerce and ultimately our quality of life. Look no further than recent events and issues for confirmation on the need for active civic involvement and engagement. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the medium often employed to express the collective views of local businesses is through the Chamber of Commerce.

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce was created 100 years ago by area businesses and industry to represent the views of business. Chamber members develop the organization’s positions on issues by working through the Government Affairs Committee, the Chamber Executive Committee and the Chamber Board of Directors.

Members involved on these committees, along with the professional Chamber staff are charged with monitoring legislation and regulations. They also preview government meeting agendas, attend government hearings and readings of ordinances, regulations and legislation. Based on the anticipated impact and the timing, Chamber committee members and staff may at times prepare a written response, testify, or serve as a medium to educate and engage the membership and the community.

The Chamber is an independent voice for businesses and not necessarily a cheerleader. Our organization considers issues on the merits relative to their impact on businesses, the local economy and the community.

Usually, the Chamber and government are in-synch and are working in unison. In challenging economic times, that’s very important. It is also important to understand, however, that the Chamber is not a department of any municipal entity or the state and federal government. Furthermore, our organization is run on private, not public financial support. We do not receive operational funding from any city, town or state entity. This allows the Chamber to represent business without undue political pressure.

Taking positions on important issues can and will at times cause controversy when the Chamber and government do not have the same opinion. We are absolutely unapologetic in our support of free enterprise and the community’s employers who are making investments, taking risks, creating jobs and through their taxes and payrolls, providing the means for the community to afford the public amenities we all enjoy.

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is proud to serve as one of our community’s biggest and most ardent supporters. The Chamber handles inquiries everyday from people seeking information about Bristol County. We also work tirelessly to ensure the success of area businesses and to entice new companies to locate here. By advocating for the best interests of businesses and our community we fulfill the Chamber’s mission and purpose.