Cost Savings Programs

The Chamber has partnered with a wide variety of business affiliates to assist members by providing products and services at a reduced cost. These programs are designed to give members of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce benefits they would normally have to pay significantly higher rate ms and services.

Legal Triage

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with the law firm, Foley & Foley, PC that will allow our members to receive a very unique benefit. The legal triage concierge program will allow our members to better manage risk and avoid legal pitfalls. Foley & Foley, PC is our local workplace or employment law resource. Under this program, Foley & Foley will decipher workplace regulations so you can concentrate on your business.

SouthCoast Electric Power Group (SCEPG)

The Bristol County and New Bedford Area Chambers of Commerce have established a collaboration of the largest users of electricity in the New Bedford and Fall River area called the SouthCoast Electric Power Group (SCEPG). The aggregation formed in 2002 and was only the second aggregation in the state to competitively bid its generation costs in Massachusetts. The initial three-year contract that expired in December 2004 was a $60 Million dollar contract. Participants in this first SCEPG aggregation collectively saved approximately $10 Million over the life of the contract.

Both Chambers are pleased to report that the Southcoast Electric Power Group Steering Committee has selected SourceOne, Inc. of Boston as our new energy consultant. SourceOne was established in 1997 and has grown into a nationally recognized energy management and advisory services company, providing a strategic, customized approach to utilizing available energy resources, and generating new energy solutions. SourceOne has approximately 1100 MW of electric power and 30 Bcf of natural gas procurement in the marketplace.

SourceOne was selected after the committee conducted a vigorous selection process. Brant Davis, Vice President of Commodity Management at SourceOne will be our primary contact and will manage the team of energy professionals advising the group. He has strong experience having worked for Veolia Energy and Deloitte Consulting providing strategic and operational management consulting services to the electric utility and heavy asset manufacturing industries.

For more information contact the Chamber today.

LifeLock Benefit Solutions

As an employer, you are already taking steps to protect employee data. Give your employees access to the benefit that helps safeguard their personal information outside of work – LifeLock identity theft protection. Comprehensive service from LifeLock helps protect your employees finances, credit and good name. In today’s always connected world, that is more important than ever.

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce understands that your employees are your most valuable asset. Let’s bring enduring value to the people your business depends on. Since identity theft can take its toll on job performance, offering LifeLock as an employee benefit makes perfect sense.

Contact Craig Gordon, LifeLock Consultant at 866.921.5650 ext. 4081 or email at