The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with the law firm Foley & Foley, PC that will allow our members to receive a very unique benefit. The need for all of our members to more effectively manage HR-related risk and employment law compliance remains constant. Today’s political and legal landscape creates a level of risk, confusion, challenges and chaos that employers have not seen in the past. The regulations that govern today’s workplace in Massachusetts are extensive and expanding and reach employers of all sizes and in all industries. Massachusetts recently passed a mandatory earned sick time law, a new pregnancy discrimination law, paid family leave, changes to non-competes, changes to minimum wage, new Sunday overtime rules, just to name a few. The On-Call Service will bring calm to the chaos for a fixed monthly fee that is less than what Foley & Foley’s peers charge by the hour.

The Chamber’s Electricity Cost Savings Affinity Program

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the SouthCoast Electric Power Group (SCEPG), offers an electric cost savings program for its small business members. The program is designed to help members save money by providing a resource that will enable participating members to make the electric supply choices that best meet the needs of their businesses. Contact Brant Davis at (617) 399.6162 or email

East Commerce Solutions Affinity Program

Get your Bail Out Program from and Save Money. With our Merchant saves money program, we guarantee a minimum of 10% savings on your merchant services costs. How do we do it? Because we provide our customers with lowest rates and fees and we customize solutions to provide ways for them to achieve high profits and reach customers they never had before.

Best Practice Energy Affinity Program

Since deregulation all business are now charged with the additional task of managing energy costs by choosing supply options. Chamber member and trusted local energy management consultants at Best Practice Energy LLC provide market guidance and access. Choosing the right product, term and suppler for your gas and electric supply requires the consideration of many variables. Market timing, locking market lows avoiding the highs with the right product from the   most competitive supplier and consideration of the last 10 years of National Grid & Nstar rates. Best Practice has trading desk pricing access and will facilitate competition among the 30 largest power & gas retailers available to our local market. They will work to educate you and formulate a procurement strategy that best suits your company’s needs bringing forth all options available. Call 401.793.1002 or visit Best Practice Energy